Fort Ross Stockade

Russian River Tributary Mapping


After over hunting sea otter in Alaska, Russian-American Trading Company set its sites on the New Albion, the northern California coast, and by 1811 had established a temporary base in Rumiantsev Bay (later Bodega Bay). Exploration for a permanent settlement ended in the selection of the eventual site of Fort Ross, 20 miles up the coast. Over the next 30 years the Russian settlement blossomed on the success of the otter pelt trade. In the later years of the settlement, the Russian-American Company facilitated the scientific study of the area. Among it’s interests was the exploration of the interior starting with the Russian River itself and it’s tributaries. Any advance into the California inland would be facilitated by its waterways, and the Russian River valley is flush with tributaries.

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  • Bodega Bay
  • Fort Ross
  • Gualala River
  • Russian Gulch Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Ward Creek
  • Austin Creek
  • East Austin Creek
  • Russian River
  • Fife Creek
  • Green Valley Creek
  • Nolan Creek
  • Salmon Creek

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