Follow the road to Powerline Pass

Powerline Raid


Run through Glen Alps above Anchorage up to Powerline Pass. Descend from above onto the unsuspecting town of Indian along Turnagain Arm. After arrival, terrorize the townspeople at the local Brown Bear Saloon.
12.8 MI
Insertion: Glen Alps, Anchorage, Alaska

Map of Powerline Raid
Route from Glen Alps trail head to Indian, AK

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The Gold Rush is on in South Central Alaska! Starting in 1883, miners have staked placer claims all along Turnagain Arm, fostering communities such as Hope, Sunrise, and Girdwood. But among the gold claims, Peter Strong has made a more modest discovery at Indian Creek: Quartz. It’s 1910, and Strong has just established the Indian Valley Mine and built his cabin.

In his mining map dated that same year, Dr. D.H. Strong plots the planned railway from Anchorage through Girdwood along Turnagain Arm. But until that railroad begins service, the trek along Turnagain Arm is a nasty bushwhack. For those headed to Indian Valley, Sleem plots the direct route, by trail, through Glen Alps, over “Low Pass”, and down along Indian Creek. Until the railroad begins service, this is the preferred route to Indian.

Check in with Strong. His homestead is isolated; it’s located halfway between the railway construction camp in the Anchorage bowl and the supply town of Girdwood. Follow Sleem’s mountain route from the Anchorage bowl to Strong’s Indian Valley Mine.

Sleem Map
D.H. Sleem’s 1910 mining map of south central Alaska shows the route of “Low Pass” to Indian Creek


From the Glen Alps trailhead the Anchorage bowl is plainly visible to the West (though the contemporary “tent city” is far less conspicuous than the metropolis today). Bid the Anchorage bowl farewell and set out for Powerline Pass.

Powerline Pass

The name “Powerline Pass” predates Strong and Sleem, but it was nevertheless the most significant landmark on the trail to Indian. Cross the pass and descend into the canyon below.

Indian, AK

Follow Indian Creek into the town of Indian. The Indian Creek Mine is located on the east side of town.


After paying Strong a visit, head over to the Brown Bear Saloon and celebrate like a local. If you’re lucky you may even catch some live music.

Brown Bear Saloon
Brown Bear Saloon: Between the Mountains and the Water



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