Quicksilver Prospecting

Established by the Spanish in the 1840′s, the New Almaden Quicksilver mines produced cinnabar, the raw ore from which mercury is extracted. New Almaden served as a productive mining center for twelve decades through Spanish, Mexican, and US rule. Hit a series of key shafts and tunnels then report back to the Mine Office and Map House at English Town.

Sonoma Cattle Rustling

The cattlelands of western Sonoma were established as a series of Mexican land grants in the mid-1800s.  The original ranchos are long since dissolved but the cattle are still ripe for the picking.  Ride through the  patchwork of Mexican Land Grants and rustle up some cattle!

Powerline Raid

Run through Glen Alps above Anchorage up to Powerline Pass. Descend from above onto the unsuspecting town of Indian along Turnagain Arm. After arrival, terrorize the townspeople at the local Brown Bear Saloon.

Presidio Drill

The San Francisco Presidio defends the city and its bay from marine assault.  Seaside batteries, barracks, and the trappings of military living mark the grounds.  Originally founded by the Spanish, the Presidio passed to Alta California and finally American control; but it has never lost its military character.  Drill alongside generations of officers and soldiers by running this 7.2 mile circuit.

Mt. Hamilton Patrol

Nocturnal astronomers-in-training reside and work at Mt. Hamilton observatory.  Ride from Livermore up 4000 FT to their monastery in the stars.  After checking up on the young star gazers continue though the outer banks of the bay area and back into Livermore.