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Nike Strike


Project Nike, a ground based missile defense system, protected the U.S. homeland from Soviet bombers from the 1950′s to 70′s. The Nike missile sites numbered in the hundreds; your goal is to hit just one: SF-51 above Pacifica, California.

8.6 MI
Landing: Pacifica Pier, Pacifica, CA


It’s the Cold War in the late 1950s and the arms race is heating up. The USSR has released a spate of new long range bombers, including the Tupolev Tu-4, Tu-95, and Tu-16, all capable of North American strikes. In response, the U.S. has developed and deployed Project Nike to defend major metropolitan areas across the United States. These defensive stations are able to launch surface-to-air missiles and disable incoming airborne threats.
As a member of the Spetsnaz GRU – the Soviet Special Forces group – your job is to neutralize the Nike installation above Pacifica, CA: SF-51.

Map of Nike Strike



You will land on the Pacific seaboard and move undetected through the seaside town of Pacifica, CA. Once on the outskirts on the south side of town, head directly up the ridge to knock out the control site.


At a Project Nike Site such as SF-51, the control site (C) – Integrated Fire Control – operates the radar and tracking systems critical to guide missiles after launch and ensure they hit their target. The majority of the personnel are stationed here and by disabling it first, you will likely render any launch ineffective.


Once you finish with the control site, proceed north to the launch site (L). Here you will find a cement bunker that houses the actual MIM-3s, the Nike system’s specially built surface-to-air missiles. Neutralize the launch site and return to the Pacifica Pier for your extraction.


Soda Popinski’s in Nob Hill (San Francisco) serves Moscow Mules by the boot! Celebrate a job well done… Na Stro Via!

Soda Popinski
Soda Popinski’s in San Francisco serves Moscow Mules by the boot!


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